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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bahubali Comics 2016 & Bahubali Games 2016 information Click Here

Baahubali Comics 2016 coming soon

Director SS Rajamouli reveal that there will be a comic parts of Baahubali to attract the Children. Now they are released the Comics poster. 

Baahubali Comics
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we all know about the Baahubali story it based on the kingdom mahishmati and who fought for life of people. we are expecting in the Baahubali comics will have total story of Bahubali - the beginning and Bahubali - the conclusion.

Baahubali’ to Comics, Animation, Novels 2016

Bahubali is a big story and it is a big world and to make as movie it is very tough for that SS Rajamouli is ready to plan the release the 
Baahubali’ to Comics, Animation, Novels 2016. 

The Graphic Media related to Bahubali Comic of will begin with bahubali novels. The 2 stories are already in production, Graphic India said by Sharad Devarajan. Also in the works is a hard, animated project, currently titled “Baahubali: The Lost Legends”.

“’Baahubali’ is a big dream project of Rajamouli sir and it is a big world, out of that world done two small stories as films. “There are so many stories to be told to people and child. 

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